3 Reasons To Study in Singapore

3 MauTips.com, Jakarta. If you want to study abroad, Singapore is one of the country that should be on the list. Why? Because, Singapore is a perfect country for a foreign student. Here are 3 reasons why you should choose Singapore to be your destination.

The Location
Most students who want to do a lot of traveling to different countries think of going to Europe, but Singapore is a great hub for traveling too. Singapore is in Southeast Asia, which is also home to Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. You can easily travel by train, plane or boat and hop over to any of these surrounding countries.

The Language
Singapore is often confused for a Chinese-speaking destination but you will quickly find that almost everyone speaks at least two languages and prefers to communicate in English. In fact, English is the official educational language, so classroom instruction is in English. This allows for an easier transition into a new environment both in and outside of the classroom and an incredibly rich opportunity to learn about many cultures through day-to-day interactions.

Big On Education
Singapore is quite often referred to as the “The Little Red Dot” because it’s usually covered by pin-drops on most digital maps. However, it should be called the “The Big Gold Star” for its strong academics. Many of Asia’s universities are considered superstars in global higher education rankings and Singapore is uniquely positioning itself for educational excellence. Singapore Management University is the country’s youngest university and has accomplished a lot in its short 16 years by obtaining both AACSB and EQUIS accreditation. It is now among the top five in world accounting rankings, too.

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There are 3 reasons why you should study in Singapore. As a student, you can get the best skill when joining the best bachelor degree in Singapore. Check SIM GE’s website to get more information about Business degrees uk. (Fan/Tyd)


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